From your child’s eyes.


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They are little now but it doesn’t last forever. The moment you become a parent is a moment I wish I was able to capture every bit of feeling & emotions tightly in a bottle to keep forever.  It has it’s ups ,downs and it’s 360’s. But I found every ounce of it self fulling and rewarding.

Without those tiny hands to hold and those squishy cheeks to kiss..I wouldn’t know what life was truly meant for.

I find so many people unsure of themselves.. unknowingly they have no idea who they are and what they are worth. But I’ve found the secret for me that I feel others could truly use. In my life I sat with nothing but unhappiness, did not know how to smile at the little things.

If you are a mother then take that title. At the point of giving birth to your child you have choose to be selfless. I see mother’s that are more selfish And it pains me because you can learn so much from your babies. Pure love happiness, these angels are capable of showing innocence of the world ,and all we have to do is look from their eyes.

You don’t know who you are. Look in their eyes and realize you are the most important thing to the little people you created.